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Sunday, August 16, 2009

i love LocoPops

For my inagural post, I want to rave about a recent treasure I discovered on a trip to Durham, NC. These gourmet frozen treats, called LocoPops, are intensely flavored and available in fruit-based or cream-based varieties.

These treats are North Carolina's version of paletas and come in unique flavors. When I visited, there were two dozen to choose from: jalapeno-lemonade, pomegranate-tangerine, Mexican Chocolate, and mango-chile, to name a few. I had the dairy-based Mexican Chocolate- think "south of the border Fudgecicle." It was kicked up with cinnamon and cayanne pepper and it was creamy beyond belief. I also loved the Mighty Mojito, tart and minty (sans the rum). And the best part? A small LocoPop is $1.50, and a large just $2.25.

Unfortunately, LocoPops are unavailable outside of the state, but let's hope that someone else brings the ingenious idea of played-up paletas to the DC area soon.

(photo credit: bittermellon on Flickr)


  1. jalapeno lemonade sounds amazing! How about tomato fennel?

  2. I teared up a little reading this. In fact, I'm still emotional about it. I remember my first one, a delightful Pineapple Basil...so creamy, so perfect...

  3. I'm def going to get one of these when I go down to visit Tim. These are a hot find for lactards like me.